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One dynamic church. Multiple locations

We strive to build the relationships and community that help people find real life solutions to the needs we all have. With a blend of modern, relevant music and teaching for people of all ages, we think you’ll find something for every member of your family to connect with and enjoy.

Bethany is a come as you are environment, where you can experience God and grow in relationships with new friends. Whatever your background, history, or current situation, we know God loves you and has a great plan for your life.

Services are held at the Community Center on Sunday mornings are at 9AM and 10:45AM.  For more information about who we are, what we believe and what it’s like to attend one of our worship experiences, visit our website at: 



Noteworthy Acadamy of Music

Noteworthy Academy of Music is a dedicated music school located in Township of Washington, NJ that provides personalized and practical music education that is tailored towards each student's wants and needs. We have a faculty of experienced music instructors, all of whom have extensive experience performing and teaching, and we cover a wide variety of genres and styles to give our students all the options they need to become well-rounded musicians.

 Noteworthy Academy of Music is located inside the beautiful Bethany Community Center on Pascack Road. There is plenty of parking, a lounge with a beverage station and Wi-Fi located down the hall from the Academy. Guests may wait for students in the lounge or in the waiting area inside the Academy.




Pike Dive Academy @SPACE 201 introduces children (ages 5-18 years) to the sport of diving through our safe, fun, and comprehensive recreational and competitive team programs.

The program focuses on the development of children in the areas of strength, flexibility, conditioning, and aerial training (performing out of belt somersaults, including twisting somersaults on a trampoline or dryboard) through dry-land instruction (use of a gym setting to teach complicated and repetitive skills in very small segments) and pool instruction. Incorporating both dry-land and pool instruction are key to a successful dive program.

Our head coach, Dora Fyfe, has a great passion for seeing children reach their highest potential.  She is a former NCAA diver and has been coaching for 30 years as an USAG competitive gymnastics coach, USAIGC competitive gymnastics coach, certified USA Diving Coach, and a certified AAU Diving Coach. She is also a certified International Diving Judge. 

Pike Dive Academy @SPACE 201 looks forward to working with your child to transform minds, build character, inspire healthy living, embrace purpose, and have FUN!



Warrior Martial Arts

Tues. & Thurs 6:30 PM - 7:30 PM for Kids \ 7:30 - 8:30 pm for Adults 

Warrior Martial Arts owned by Sensei Mike Paredes teaches two different styles of Karate called Goshin-Ryu and Goju- Ryu which means  “self-defense way” and “Hard soft way. They combined these two major styles of traditional Okinawan karate in order to offer a complete system of training. Training includes Okinawan karate, classical weapons - kobudo, life preservation self - defense and street wise assault prevention.  They are committed to developing in students a sense of well being, greater confidence and improved self-image.

For more info contact Sensei Paredes at :


Cell Phone: 551-404-2043 

Facebook & website www.warriormartialarts.net 


CaFE 605

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